K.A.    July 7, 2014   

“Obviously I loved this class! I will be honest, I barely remember anything from my last class, But I actually learned a great deal in this class, and although I generally do not learn well audibly, I found that because it was interesting I actually remember the lectures. The way in which the course was presented was engaging, unique, fun, and hands on. This is something I would like to see more of at BCIT. I have actually recommended this course to a number of people in non-software related fields.” …. K.A. (2014)

A.H.    March 31, 2014   

“Put simply, I learned a refreshing new way to go about my work. Having little experience or education on the subjects of development and Project Management, I was not consciously aware of my company’s inefficiencies. This course brought them to light and offered an appealing alternative which is already showing benefits in my workplace.” …. A.H. (2014)

J.H.    June 30, 2013   

“This course is helping me a lot in my work since our company just implemented the Agile Development environment which has been in place now for only 6 months. I found some of my co-workers could not understand why our managers changed their way of working but I have no problems now in the understanding of how I fit in and what I should do.” …. J.H. (2013)

G.    September 9, 2014   

“Ed is a consummate professional who is not limited and weighed down by the burden of his lengthy experience. He demonstrates by example that he has himself grown and adapted and does so daily as a mantra of his work ethic and the Agile principles he teaches. In discussions I had with him about the challenges of Agile in a game development environment, He has acknowledged those challenges and sent me links on things that potentially could help in that industry. Many teachers are dogmatic in their approach. Agile in itself is contradictory to any dogmatic approach yet is highly disciplined in the practice of adapting. Ed understands and lives that. I only wish I had taken this course with him years ago and hope that I could be like him when I have all that experience. He rocks!”................ (Fall 2014)

E.D.    March 31, 2014   

“Yes, this is hands down the most fun and applicable course I have taken at BCIT!” …. E.D. (2014)

A.    September 9, 2014   

“Ed was all around excellent in terms of delivery, taking questions and providing answers. I really liked the simulation we did. I am a "hands-on" type of learner and found the simulations really helpful. The more simulations the better.”............ (fall 2014)

P.F.    March 31, 2014   

“One of the things I found helpful as someone new to software development, is how this is a great way to run a project. I was always wondering how to start. Do I really need to get everything figured out before I start? This class really gave me all those answers and I am using them to this day.” ….. P.F. (2013)

T.L.    July 7, 2014   

“This class not only transformed how we develop software at my work and increased my boss’ understanding of the benefits of Agility to the company, but it also elevated his opinion of the value I bring to the company. The class has paid for itself many times – it was a great investment for me!” …. T.L. (2014)

M.F.    June 30, 2013   

“This course has definitely helped me in my job. My company decided to use Scrum quite suddenly. Our R&D director mentioned it in a meeting but did not really define how we would do it. Our team members got really confused and people just continued doing what they always did. I had to stand up and introduce the process and also some software that would help us mange and start organizing the process. We have now finished 4 sprints and the process keeps getting better.” ….. M.F. (2013)

P.F.    December 1, 2013   

“Honestly! I can’t list everything new that I learned because it was so much. The project at the end put so much of the techniques, meetings, team collaboration & dynamics into perspective, I can’t wait to do more projects with agile.” …. P.F. (2014)

L.A.    July 7, 2014   

“Ed, this course meant the world to me. It opened my eyes up to a very sensible way of running software projects. When I see job postings for Project Managers now & they want to do waterfall, I actually groan out load. Hopefully I can get a job in an Agile Scrum shop soon!” …… L.A. (2014)

T.L.    July 7, 2014   

“I learned many things from this course, and changed the way we develop software at the company I work at. The most important lesson for me was the discussion of the different ways you can introduce SCRUM at work; “By being Agile about how we become agile gives us the greatest chance for success.” All I knew about Agile Development before this class was that it involved iterations, so the amount I leaned was tremendous.” ….. T.L. (2014)

A.C.    December 1, 2014   

“This course has already helped me in my current job. Our organization is still relying on the old contracting process for building new Web Sites. This results in a loss of money and time. Using what I learned in this course, I was able to help them take a greater role in the project they contracted a web company to build. This process works. I have already seen some results from my current organization.” …. A.C. (2014)

M.M.    December 1, 2014   

“My friend recommended the course to me, and I am glad I took his advice. I believe there are going to be more and more opportunities for Agile Practitioners, and this class is a great in-depth course in the fundamentals. If a Project Management course was required for the CST Program, It should be this Agile course. It presents a contemporary fresh approach that reflects the current industry direction.” …. M.M. (2014)

J.H.    December 1, 2013   

“Agile development with Scrum is the best course I have taken at BCIT! I received many chances to interact with my classmates and got many good ideas about how to adapt in my workplace and also at home. Agile is changing my way of thinking, working, and living!” …. J.H. (2013)

E.S.    December 1, 2013   

“Yes, I learned much from the course. I learned the motivation behind Agile, when it is likely to work, the ceremonies, roles and techniques. I also learned what would potentially be involved in trying to bring this to my organization. I notice that I am already bringing some concepts to my work. In particular I find myself asking what the business value of some task is, trying to find ways to deliver products iteratively and incrementally; trying to run meetings more effectively, moving discussions to outside after the meeting. This Agile Philosophy presents a new way of approaching product development.” …. E.S. (2013)

D.P.    December 1, 2014   

“I feel I learned a lot! The Agile approach is profoundly interesting to me, and all I knew of it beforehand came from your other BA course. All of the details were new to me, although I recognized something I like in the general philosophy throughout. In my current job (totally non-IT), I had our team do a Sprint Retrospective for the past semester; they went at it with gusto and voiced a lot of things that have gone unsaid for too long. I also referred heavily to the course on a recent job application, and while nothing is official yet, I’ve been directly told to expect an offer on Wednesday (it was offered). I don’t know that it would have happened without this course!” ….. D.P. (2014)

A.    September 9, 2014   

“Ed has a clear enthusiasm for the subject and his expertise is obvious. I learned a lot, and I think referring to this course in a cover letter helped me get a job interview before even finishing the course.” ................(Fall 2014)

A.D.    December 1, 2013   

“The main thing that I am taking away from this class is the hands-on experience of the full Scrum simulation. This activity helped give me perspective on how valuable agile and scrum can be when you have a good team. I feel that agile methodologies are the way of the future in the IT field.” ….. A.D. (2013)

E.S.    December 1, 2013   

“This course has opened my mind to Agile! It has been the best learning experience I have had at BCIT.” …. E.S. (2013)

K.A.    December 1, 2014   

“I really enjoyed this course. I got a refresher on SCRUM and I was able to see where my company is succeeding with SCRUM and where it needs improvement. It is helping me at work to try and keep daily stand-ups on track. I really enjoyed the term project as well.” ….. K.A. (2014)

D.B.    December 1, 2013   

“I work in construction and this course gave me techniques that I can apply even there as I prepare for a job in I.T. It helped me recognize some things I am already doing that are similar to Agile in my work and personal life.” D.B. ….. (2013)

D.B.    December 1, 2013   

“I learned so much from this course. I already had been given advanced info about the course, but that really did not inform what I was about to learn! I learned a much better way to develop anything. It is a new way, but so much better. I learned from this that BCIT does offer interesting and useful courses along with great instructors!” ….. D.B. (2013)

J.S.    June 30, 2013   

“This course has been helpful in my job because it has prompted me to use the “User Story” concept to understand what my users are trying to accomplish. Prior to this course I was using too much technical language. User Stories are so much better for engaging customers in conversations about their needs.” ….. J.S. (2013)

M.M.    December 1, 2014   

“This course has helped me in a totally non-IT environment. It is providing a Product Development framework that we can adapt our work methods to.” ….. M.M. (2014)

T.T.    December 1, 2014   

“I learned a lot from this course. As a PMP, I hope to be able to use some of the SCRUM components in my daily “waterfall” PMI methodology. What I learned is helping me as I realize that PM’ing does not need to be so mysterious. I am very excited by what the use of Agile/Scrum techniques can do for my projects.” T.T. …. (2014)

J.L.    December 1, 2013   

“I have a lot better insight now on what makes teams & especially people work together. This class came at a perfect time for me as I landed my first managerial position, managing the support trams for 3 different products at my company. I was able to model my employee probation reviews around the Sprint Retrospective, taught my teams about Bruce Tuckman’s model of team dynamics that we learned in the course, & I constantly apply the model of a daily stand-up with them. Most importantly I practice servant-leadership as we learned, and it is really the most effective leadership style that I have been in these levels of organizations. They are motivated each day they come to work and we really feel like a true team like we discussed in class, and especially under the pressure of difficult challenges.” ….. J.L. (2013)

L.R.    December 1, 2014   

“I learned a lot! It all felt common-sense and natural and gave me a clear understanding of the way Scrum can allow a team to better handle changing requirements. It is already helping me on my job. I am involved in the early planning of a project and I have already begun to convert a classic BRD into a prioritized Product Backlog of stories………. And the Lego simulation is the most fun that I have had in a learning environment in over a decade!” ….. L.R. (2014)

A.H.    March 31, 2014   

“Ed, I love simulations! It really solidifies the theory and I understand now why there is no coding in this class; it’s about the team and trying to figure out team dynamics.” ……. A.H. (2014)

T.T.    December 1, 2014   

I recommended this course to a friend who is an IT Infrastructure Tech resource. He is interested in becoming a PM. As a PMP certified PM, I believe the future of PM’ing is with some form of Agile/SCRUM.” ….. T.T. (2014)

AN.    September 9, 2014   

“The sharing of his first-hand experience was more beneficial than reading a textbook. We are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher.” .................(Fall 2014)