Placing Rules on Self-Organizing Teams

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Placing Rules on Self-Organizing Teams …… by Mike Cohn (

Many of the challenges in agile and Scrum stem from the idea of the self-organizing team. Of course, many (perhaps most) of the benefits are also the result of self-organizing teams. One of the questions I get from many leaders is whether it’s OK to mandate the team do something like use a particular tool, comply with a coding standard, or such. Absolutely. A leader in the organization has the right to mandate anything like this. I’ve even seen a CEO who couldn’t tell you a single difference between Java and COBOL who insisted her team use Java. And I supported her in that decision. This was back in 2000 when Sun Microsystems had announced their $100 million “Java Fund” of VC money to companies if they used Java. So this CEO had a reason for her mandate. ……. Read More