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Ed’s Story:


I have been “embedded” in the Information Technology industry for over 4 decades. During that time I have been involved with all aspects of the I.T. corporate arena. From an initial start as a programmer back in the days of the “mainframe” computer to many years as the Manager of Information Systems Planning and Development for a major National Canadian Corporation. This has been part of my journey.

After my many years of involvement in “Corporate Canada,” I stepped away from an offering of a CIO position in the US and decided that it was far more important for me, as well as more fulfilling, to “give back” to my “local” I.T. community. That is where I am currently positioned with my own consulting practice, AlphaTrend International, contributing my skills and talents daily in the volatile yet dynamic business “arena” and nightly in the exciting world of post-secondary academia.

Within these roles my present passion revolves around world of “agile software development.” In all my years of working in the software development community, this is the first “thing” that I have seen that is not a “silver bullet” but a road to I.T. improvement and success like nothing else we have seen! And, it is working!!

Hence my own personal research, education and practice in the “world of agility” and now educating, coaching and advising a whole new “generation”, both corporately and academically with these amazing frameworks, principles, and techniques leading to both corporate and personal success.

As a multi-faceted public speaker and presenter in a number of diverse arena’s, bridging the generations from the Y/Millenials to the Gen X’ers right up to the Boomers, my passion is to see success and excellence again become part of what we seemed to have lost in our current culture.


I Am Agile!!