Corporate Agile Transformation



My Role In The Corporate Arena:  ”Agile Transformation Specialist”

As an Agile Transformation Specialist, I facilitate the transformation of Corporate Information Technology departments from the more traditional Software Development processes to a customized framework that allows for the Agility required for their success in today’s dynamic business world. Our traditional Waterfall and even RAD approaches that are used in our Software Development Methodologies are no longer working for our I.T. organizations. We are no longer able to adapt to the continually changing world around us.

With the above noted, let me emphasize here that “Agile” is not a methodology, a framework, a set of techniques, or a set of tools. All of these are ways that allow us to achieve Agility, but just because one uses a “Scrum” or an “Extreme Programming” framework, does not mean one is Agile. Agility is a philosophy or a “Way Of Thinking” which leads to a “Different Way Of Working.” We use these frameworks to achieve this adaptive way of working.

The successful outcomes that result from achieving “Agility” in our organizations today, are essential in our exceedingly volatile work communities if we are to remain viable business entities. The global economy is very erratic as it fluctuates on a daily basis, making continual impacts essentially on every size of company. To remain competitive and successful in this environment, our organizations must be agile in adapting to these uncertainties on a daily basis.

We are positioned in the industry to bring organizations back to a successful way of operating in Information Technology.

Our role in helping organizations get to this level of I.T. success consists of the following:


  1. Agile/Scrum Corporate Training:

– Agile 101 Workshop

– Scrum 101 Workshop

– Agile User Story Development Workshop

– Agile Estimating and Planning Workshop

– Agile/Scrum Ceremony Walk-through Workshop

– Full Agile Simulation Workshop.

(**The above workshops consist of a unique experiential mode of learning customized to each organization. This education is proprietary and not available anywhere else in the industry. As well, all workshops must be attended as we step through the frameworks from an overview level down to the detail of each technique required to allow the Agility that the organization needs in their arena. Each Workshop is positioned on the knowledge obtained in the prior class.)


  1. Agile/Scrum Team and Organization Coaching

    • One of the key “Success Factors” that we have gleaned over the past number of years of experiencing “Agile Transformations”, is that the concept of “Coaching” is essential if success is to be experienced. Our coaching consists of exhibiting each role to the team as we perform the role and then very quickly transferring the responsibility to the assigned members as we are there to initially hand-hold them and then release them, through a phased-in approach, to “fly on their own.”


  1. Agile/Scrum Organization Cultural Change Adviser and Mentor

    • As noted in our introduction above, “Agile” is a philosophy, not just a methodology. I bring out this point again because it has been recognized by many organizations that have initially attempted this transformation to “Agile” and failed, that the success of an agile development process does not stand or fall based on the methodology used, but on the culture of the organization using it. Organizational cultures must be transformed. As one of our services, we review the organization and recommend changes and strategies to bring these cultural shifts into reality.


  1. Agile Organization Readiness Assessment Consultant

    • Organizations that are serious about moving to an Agile way of working, but are unsure of how ready they are and want to know where they are situated on the “organization Agile readiness curve,” can benefit from this offering of ours. Here we measure the organization as to where they can expect to face the most challenges to where the least challenges will potentially be experienced in implementing Agility. From the results of this readiness framework, we help them set out a strategy to successfully achieve this movement to becoming an Agile organization.


  1. Certified Scrum Master

    • For those organizations wanting an external source to function in the role of a Scrum Master, we offer the Certified Scum Master role.


I Am Agile!!