Advantages of the “As a user, I want” user story template.

In my user stories book and in all my training and conference sessions on user stories I advocate writing user stories in the form of: “As a <type of user>, I want <some goal> so that <some reason>.” While I consider the so-that clause optional, I really like this template. […]

The 8th Annual Agile Survey

The Survey. The eighth annual “State Of Agile” survey was conducted between August 4th and October 16, 2013. Sponsored by VersionOne, the survey invited individuals from a multitude of channels in the software development community. A total of 3,501 responses were collected, analyzed and prepared into a summary report by […]

Story Points Are a Measure of Effort. Period.

Despite my best efforts to squash it, a rumor persists that story points are a measure of complexity. That rumor is downright wrong. The truth is, the complexity of a user story is unimportant, except to the extent that complexity affects the degree of effort required to complete it. ….Read […]

User Stories

What is a user story? Can you show some user story examples? How is detail added to user stories? When Are User Stories Written? ……….. Read More

Choosing to Start Small or Go All In when Adopting Agile

Conventional, long-standing advice regarding transitioning to Scrum or any agile process has been to start with a pilot project, learn from it, and then spread agile throughout the organization. This approach is the frequently used start-small pattern in which an organization selects typically one to three scrum teams (of five […]

Making the Decision to Abnormally Terminate a Sprint

It’s always good to have a Plan B. And all Scrum teams do–it’s called an abnormal termination. An abnormal termination is essentially blowing up the sprint and starting a new sprint instead  …….read more

Agile Simulation – The Daily Standup Meeting

    From The Agilista PM   What better way to learn how to do a great Daily Standup than watching it done right before your very eyes in just 10 mins! First witness a disfunctional way of doing Standups – then see how it should be done. It really […]

Placing Rules on Self-Organizing Teams

Placing Rules on Self-Organizing Teams …… by Mike Cohn ( Many of the challenges in agile and Scrum stem from the idea of the self-organizing team. Of course, many (perhaps most) of the benefits are also the result of self-organizing teams. One of the questions I get from many leaders […]

Don’t Take Partial Credit for Semi-Finished Stories

The following was originally published in Mike Cohn’s monthly newsletter. If you like what you’re reading, sign up to have this content delivered to your inbox weeks before it’s posted here. Coming close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. That pretty much sums up my view on whether teams […]

A testing bottleneck in my Scrum Team

A testing bottleneck in my Scrum Team By Mark Summers, Agile Coach Recently I was working with a Scrum team who were struggling to get things to Done at the end of a Sprint, they already knew that they had a bottleneck getting things tested, but didn’t really know how […]